Jacob Milligan

Hi, I'm Jacob

I'm a Computer Science student from Melbourne and I'm really into all things game dev, graphics programming, and back end web development.

Skyrocket - Making a game engine from scratch (Part 0)

I’m by no means a super experienced graphics, gameplay, or engine programmer. In fact, until 2016 the only game-related projects I’d worked on were for Uni or were toy programs. Don’t get me wrong, I have worked on a lot of toy projects but most of them were scrapped after the initial interest wore off. However, in 2016, in the middle of my first year of Uni I got really into C++ and low-level programming in general and, figuring I’d pair that with my love of games I decided to start work on a big, proper project - a game built on a custom engine called Skyrocket made from scratch.

Diamond-Square In C#

Fractals are cool! They’re indispensable for procedural generation - things like clouds, heightmaps, moisture maps etc. They can make things like this: With an accompanying heightmap (This is actually Simplex Noise from my current project): Unfortunately they can be pretty difficult to wrap your head around when getting started, there are a bunch of often-mentioned algorithms and techniques used to generate this stuff - Perlin Noise, Simplex Noise, Value Noise being a few, and they all have their pros and cons (value noise looks real bad though, so it’s mostly cons and latticing).

New Site!

I decided to move my site over from tumblr to something a little nicer to work with. Tumblr is definitely one of the major reasons I post pretty infrequently as I really don’t like working with it at all. So I’ve got a slick new site using Hugo and let me tell you something - it’s a lot nicer to work with. I tried a few static site generators, primarily Jekyll and Gatsby, and just really enjoyed working with Huge mainly because it’s insanely fast - seriously you never realize how slow your static site generator is until you use Hugo.